Welcome to my corner of the Wired World.
This is the space where I talk about my work, my people and my life.


The elementary personal details on work, school, home and family. My friends are a diverse and far flung species. Each of them have been critical to who I am. If you knew me either in FAPS or at UVCE or just otherwise, let me know right away.

I program mainly in C++ and prefer to code when I can find the time. Programming to me is art, where function can follow form. I am fascinated by Linux and by the Open source phenomenon. I believe that a revolution is afoot, sometimes we are unable to see it for what it really is.

I used to write from time to time, on various issues in various places. I've presented a bunch of papers and worked on a couple of projects as well. You may be here looking to find my Editor-Programming-HOWTO. I've also dabbled with security and cryptography, evolutionary biology and the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma. Lately, I've been working with the Unix port of Yahoo! Messenger.

My journal is likely to have far more up to date information on what is going on in my life. Affiliations, campaigns and other random images are all collected together here. My personal collection of links, esoteric and otherwise. Enter at your own risk! And eventually - my resume if at all you would want to peer at my official doings.

This homepage is - as to be expected, a work in progress. Expect things to change, mutate or plain disappear. If you find something that is either wrong, badly spelt or just irritating, do email me; I might fix it. You may want to use my PGP public key.

To help you navigate, all the pages have a standard layout. In each page you'll find a link to its parent page, a link to a site map that indexes all pages and an indication of when the page was last edited.