School was unadulterated fun, pure joy.
The place where I grew from who I was to who I am.

Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore

Mr. Frank Anthony, the founder was a part of the Constituent Assembly that framed India's constitution. In addition to the varied other achievements that he accomplished, he also setup a series of schools across India that bear his name. While the schools do have a small quota for Anglo Indians, they are in every other sense of the word secular, independent and merit oriented schools.

school emblem

The school emblem

The schools while similar have little to no contact with each other while being under the same trust. FAPS, Bangalore was setup on December 22nd, 1967. The school's motto is Courage is destiny. Whether students are to be called FAPSians or FAPSites or ex-FAPS is still up for grabs, though!

FAPS and me

I joined this place when I was 3 years old and left it when I was 18. As you can imagine, it has made a tremendous impact on me. If you knew me from school and haven't the faintest of a clue where I was or what I was doing, I'd love it if you could drop me a line.

The school building, in front

The school building

In school is where I picked up my fascination for quizzing, although it has taken a back seat recently. Quizzing for a long time was a way of life and I used to spend quite a bit of time away from school (!) on it. I also used to be part of the elocution and debating teams in school.

Class X
Class XII
Class X
Class XII (Click to Enlarge)

I was a student at both the ICSE (class of 1994) and ISC (class of 1996) streams in our school. My classmates have spread far and wide - that is - the ones I know of. Some of us who graduated in the class of 1996 hang out in our official school list. More details on my friends at the friends page.

The Gangue
A shot of the captains
Our Gang
Sudha and me just after the March Past

Rodrigues House

Our house motto was Strive and Attain. Both in junior school, as well as later in junior college, I was chosen to lead Rodrigues House as their captain. As a matter of quaint history, both times, me and Sudha Nathan were together as captains. In junior college, Aftab Kaushik and Anjana Mohan were vice-captains with Sudha and me. It's a matter of tremendous pride for me that during my year as captain, we broke the Corbett hold on March Past - Rodrigues won the first place in March Past! Only the folks in the squad will really understand what I'm talking about... but nevertheless - we won!

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