College was a learning experience.
A lot of my assumptions vanished, as my horizons expanded.

University Visvesvariah College of Engineering, Bangalore

Previously known as GCE (Govt. College of Engineering) and later UCE (University College of Engineering), this institution was the premier place for engineering education in Bangalore for a very long time. Founded in 1918 by Shri M Visvesvariah, the doyen engineer statesman of the erstwhile Mysore state, this educational institution is a giant amongst those in Bangalore.

The college has a variety of disciplines and a fairly large and sprawling campus bang in the middle of the city. This was and is the only completely government controlled educational institution and therefore came with some surprises. It is an old school in every sense of the word. Reservation is high. Kannada is frequently preferred. Fees are astronomically low. Facilities are passable. Changes occur slowly and with great reluctance. You get a sense of perspective and feel as part of a tradition. You are also given respect as an individual and as an adult in the institution, something lacking from many other engineering schools that I saw around Bangalore.

Shot of the Library

A shot of the library

The wave of modernization that hit engineering schools in Bangalore did seem to pass UVCE by. With each year, I hear that this school is given less and less importance by students who want to join. I know that in my year I was lucky to have just squeezed into the Computer Science department on general merit given that my CET rank statewide was 294. However, I have a first hand account of a student who in the early 1950's went to IIT Chennai as it was not possible to secure a seat in this institution!

UVCE and me

UVCE was the only other educational institution that I entered apart from school. I joined UVCE with a lot of apprehension and lots of fears. Luckily enough, my college was a perfect and in some sense ideal contrast to school. I got to know lots of people in other branches and amongst seniors and juniors. If you knew me from college, I'd love it if you could drop me a line. In college, I enjoyed myself doing lots of things that I never expected to do. I was the Co-ordinator for the college festival Milagro for two years (i.e. in second and third year). I also was the editor for the college magazine - which I'm proud to state was produced by us after a 30 year interval!!

if you have a class snap, please get in touch with me!
the Quadrangle gang
Us folks
The Quadrangle Gang

My classmates have stayed more or less in Bangalore. But that's not something that I would take for granted. Our class will spread out and around the world. Some folks have already begun. Most of us who graduated in the class of 2000 are together in our official class list. A particular bunch of us who used to hang out together in the quadrangle and spend time aimlessly are still hanging out together. More details on my friends at the friends page.

On the occasion of the 85th year celebrations of our college, on September 23rd,2002, a commemorative volume called 'Smarana Sanchike' is to be released. I contributed an article to it.

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