Links to my friends, my folks.
This place could use a little filling up - but that's true of a lot of places.


Tired of pestering these people to put up pages.Perhaps this will motivate them.

  • Anjana Mohan
    A woman you should meet - if you can withstand that torrent of energy, that is!

  • Sankalpa Bhattacharjya
    Serious, freaky, devil may care, a bundle of contradictions!

  • Uday Arya
    Artist, Poet, Soul. Casanova, Tablachi, Rebel. Fellow cyclist, student and most importantly, friend.

  • Ramesh R
    Senior and fellow quizzer of VITM fame!

  • Folks Missing here:
    Varsha S Rao, Krishna M V, Vivek Shankar, Sweta Rathi, Nitish Jaisoor, Samir Apte, Alok and Ajay Dutta.


Easier than before - but still difficult to find these folks.

  • Prof. Venugopal K. Rajuk
    Professor, double doctorate, currently HOD of Computer Science and Engineering.

  • Chetan Shankar
    My project partner, fundoo intelligent man - now @ UIUC - but that was to be expected.

  • Prashant TR
    Extremely innovative - coder extraordinare - dotcom hero!

  • Karun V.
    My comrade in arms in the company we started. Infy-luential fellow.

  • Avanti Nadgir
    Tiny little bundle of genius - you will never know what she can do next.

  • Chetan Gopal Kashinath
    Basketballer of yore, now a hardware wiz and big man on the Java circuit.

  • Raghotham S Murthy
    Fellow Yahooligan, and creator of 1 page homepages :(.

  • Harish B
    Piscean, communicator, organizer and currently student at ASU.

  • Folks Missing here:
    Ashfaq M, Amith N, Kumar R, Sucharita P, Sarika C, Rashmi J, Kavita G, Bindu P, Meghna B, Rohini K, Haripriya S, .

People I've met along the way...

Here there, everywhere. On the net, in person and just bumped into and got to know or whatever.