How to reach me via the ether.
Or a short course in my email addresses.

Before you wonder why I have a page dedicated to email addresses and no cute < href = " mailto: " > links, it's all thanks to spammers who tend to steal email addresses. Consider doing the same on your page as well.

Current and Active

These are email accounts that I do check regularly.

  • madhumkurup aT yahoo dOT com

In Hibernation

These are email accounts that I do not check regularly - but still use.

  • mmk222 at cornell dOT edu

So Long Gone

These were accounts that I used at a point in time in my life. They are here for you to spam to ;)

  • madhumk aT giasbga dOT blr dOT vsnl dOT net dOT in
  • madhu aT exocore dOT com
  • mmk aT indiamail dOT com
  • kurup aT pes dOT edu
  • madhumk aT india dOT com
  • polusfx aT hotmail dOT com
  • karna3_14159 aT yahoo dOT co dOT in
  • gandalf aT india dOT com
  • mmk aT yahoo dASH inc dOT com

Mail Formats

Consider using strong cryptography and PGP encryption with my key when sending me messages. If your mailer makes this difficult, consider switching to Mutt. I use GNU-pg as my secure encryption tool and my public key also available on

If you want me to read something, send it to me in a format in which I can read it. MS Word / PDF documents are a strict no no. Unless for unusual reasons, Word documents are summarily deleted. Send me a RTF if you need something to look pretty. PS files are actually preferred.