Mostly research, some review
Presented at various competitions.


  • Buffer Overflows
    This is a paper that discusses the nature of attacks using buffer overflows as well as some ways to combat this problem.
    This paper was presented at the Karnataka State level Computer Science of India's conference 2000, where it went on to win the best paper of the conference award.

Evolutionary Biology

  • A study of Dominance and Diplody as long term memory in Genetic Algorithms
    This is a paper that discusses the nature of memory in Genetic algorithms with specific reference to diploid organisms
    This paper won the first place at the Anna University's Center of Biotechnology technical festival, Verve 1998.

  • Evolutionary Programming - an alternative to backtracking
    This is a paper that discusses the use of Evolutionary Programming in situations where backtracking is preferred.
    This paper was presented at the technical festival TronicTech, held at the RV College of Engineering where it won the first place.

  • Evolutionary Design of Neural Architecture
    This is a paper the discusses the design of ANN architecture using Genetic algorithms.
    This paper won the Wipro award for the best paper at the Karnataka State level Computer Society of India's conference 1999.

Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma

  • Co-operation as an behavior pattern among evolving intelligences
    This is paper that I wrote on IPD amonst other things.
    Accepted and presented at the IEEE Student Chapter festival Cyberia at SJCE Mysore.


  • OS Simulator.
    This is a paper that I wrote with Chetan Shankar that some of the results of our final year project.
    This paper was awarded the first place in the paper presentation contest at BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore.

  • MMX
    This is a review paper that I wrote with Chetan Shankar that discusses the MMX instructions with respect to the CISC/RISC debate.
    This is incomplete as we never got around to finishing it. ;).


As is pretty obvious, most of my initial papers were written in Microsoft MSWord. Leaving them online in the same form seemed to be a travesty of justice. In order to convert Word documents to Post Script (PS) format, I needed to jump through a few hoops. Here's the best link that I found for this.
However, if you are starting to write a paper right now, consider getting any Unix distribution with latex in it. If you prefer a nice front end to text file hacking (with LaTeX) then consider trying LyX, the first WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) editor.