My foremost pleasure.
Programming is truely understanding.

Programming is elemental for me. Semantics and not Syntax. Logic and not layout.


If you fear that this is going to be more open source propoganda, well you are not far off. :).

  • Linux Programmer's Bouncepoint
    The starting point for Linux folks.

  • KDevelop
    The IDE for C/C++ development on Linux (others may argue vi/emacs) but I'm talking GUI here.

  • Development Presentation
    This is a presentation I made for the ILUG Bangalore on development on Linux.

  • IT.COM Demos
    These are a set of demos that I got Sharat Chandra to write to help with the stall that I was co-ordinating. These demo some basic GTK programming as well as a very cute sort program that QuickSort versus MergeSort versus Bubble sort. Extract the files, run ./configure and make. Voila, you have some GTK code running!

    sort demo

Object Oriented Design

I was introduced to OOD in it's complete glory and aesthetic beauty in the PPR course conducted by Mr. Vijayan. A teacher, inspiration and a-ha experience provider, this most able guru took me along paths that included C++, Design Patterns, NT, Visual Studio, Smalltalk and mostly life.

  • C++ FAQ
    This is the LITE version of the C++ FAQ. (Finland Mirror)

  • The Java API
    Any problem in Java - start right here!

  • Patterns Home Page
    The Patterns home page, starting point for reusable OOD..

  • UML
    From the horse's mouth. ;). The company behind UML.


I like programming contests for they seem to bring out the best in the creativity of people who are by nature thinkers to the core. Be it ... ahem... bending the rules to twisting code to do things that haven't been done before, you will find all this and more:

  • Programmer of the Month (POTM)
    Unfortunately discontinued - albeit currently. The finest there is - IMHO. Look up for interesting problems and various other details. I won an award here - no not for programming, but for the funniest name amongst the various entries. ;)))

  • Uvarov Brothers Programming Contest (UBPC)
    The official successor to POTM. Let's see if it will be as much fun!

  • Mind Sports Olympiad
    Interesting, a bit more commercial - or so it appeared to me.

  • DotComma
    More internet oriented - a bit too complex for my taste - but YMMV.

  • Impetus 2001 OSP
    An on the spot programming contest that I helped to create.


These are what I have found to be useful resources on the net for programming in general.


Some of my projects (both active and dormant) are available here.