Things that I'm working on.
Or was working on.

College Projects

  • PDP - 11 assembler
    This is an elementary and badly designed PDP-11 assember. Use at your own peril.

  • Wizard
    This is a badly implemented (note difference from above) text editor. Perhaps worth a looksee for the features (on DOS!). Here's an executable version.

  • Idraw
    A graphics editor written in DOS using Borland C - but gets to 1024x768 resolution.

Status: Dead


I wrote a tool to encrypt files in DOS. It's appropriately enough called PBP for Pretty Bad Privacy. Don't use it for anything else except as something that should be broken to learn how to reverse engineer basic encryption.

Status: Dead


This is the simulator that I wrote for my final year undergrad project.

Status: Complete

Secure Talk

This is a secure VoIP implementation that uses AES and RSA to ensure data integrity. Currently, a Windows only version is available. The source and the binary are available on request.

Status: Dormant


This is a C++ based implementation of the Yarrow PRNG. This is a secure random number generator that can be used in a variety of systems. It derives it's randomness from using system specific information. Currently, a Linux only version is available, but very few plans are on to develop a Windows version of the same. :)

Status: Dormant


This is an implementation of a Genetic Algorithm Toolkit that allows a programmer to quickly code and test various genetic solutions to conventional problems. This code, while heavily relying on Unix utilities, should be cross platform portable.

Status: Complete?