My resume.
Not that I'm looking for a job right now.

Work Experience

I've been working for the last 6 years in various capacities.

  • I'm currently working at Yahoo Inc, from Sept 2000 to present both at the Bangalore and Sunnyvale operations.
  • I worked as a Network Support Engineer at Exocore Consulting, from 1999 to Sept 2000.
  • I ran my own consulting firm Innovate Systems from 1997 to 1999.
  • I have also been writing professionally during the last five years for two national magazines, Chip and PCQuest


I completed my graduation in 2000.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering.
    From the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Bangalore in 2000. I was awarded the degree in First class with distinction(honours). My aggregate percentage across 4 years is 78.11% (equivalent of a 3.7/4.0 CGPA)
  • Standard XII - the Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC)
    From the Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore, in 1996. I passed out with an aggregate percentage of 88% (PCM 93.4%)
  • Standard X - The Indian Certificate School Examination (ICSE)
    From the Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore, in 1994. I passed out with an aggregate percentage of 92%.

Professional Skills

My skills are my primary asset.

  • General Skills.
    I am fairly outgoing and tend to grasp and convey ideas and concepts quickly and efficiently. I have the ability to manage people and teams and lead a group effort to success. I have good written and oral communication skills.
  • Technical - Languages
    I have worked with various languages but currently, I'm most comfortable with C, ISO Standard C++, Java and Perl. I am familiar and have programmed with the functional, object based, object oriented and generic programming methodologies. Other languages include: BASIC (1988), FORTRAN (1993), PASCAL (1996), Assembler - 8085, 8086, PDP-11 (1997), LISP (1997).
  • Technical - Development Tools
    I have used the following extensively: make, gmake, gcc, g++, gdb. I am comfortable with the following tools: cvs, gprof, gcov, lex, yacc, VC++, gtk toolset. Other tools that I'm familiar with are: bash, sh, Unix shells, Unix tools, tex (esp LaTeX)
  • Operating Systems
    I worked initially in DOS and Windows (both 9x and NT), then moving on to Linux and FreeBSD. I hold good familiarity with all operating systems that I've worked with.
  • Technologies
    Large distributed system design and development. Scalability in Data Mining and processing. Object Oriented design and development, including some UML.Some Oracle and SQL skills. XML, XSL, SGML, HTML and other related areas.Sysadmin skills, network security and artificial intelligence / Bioinformatics.

Honors and Citations

Some of the my significant achievements

  • NLSIU Test
    I was placed 10th Nation wide in the NLSUI's ( test of legal ability, English and thinking.
  • CSIR Certificate
    I received a certificate from CSIR ( ) for my performance in science subjects during my Standard XII exams.
  • Engineering Entrance Tests
    My rank in the Common Entrance Test in Karnataka was 294. I was ranked 260 in the Kerala Entrance Test.
  • Jawaharal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research
    I was amongst only 10 students chosen in the field of Computer Science to be offered a Summer Research Fellowship ( ) by JNCASR ( This is a program in association with the Department of Science and Technology ( and the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. This fellowship took me to the Learning Systems Lab (, Dept of Electrical Engineering (, Indian Institute of Science (, Bangalore.


Some of the projects that I've worked is available online ( )


A complete list of my papers is available online (


  • PPR
    PPR stands for Placement Process Re-engineering. This was a one year program in which Mr. Vijayan taught me ISO Standard C++ and Object Oriented design as well. I was selected as a mentor for the next batch of students and I was involved as an instructor and lab in charge as well.

  • College Activities
    I was the editor for the college magazine. I was the co-ordinator and organizer for this festival for two years as well as organizing events for the festival.


How to contact me if you need to:

  • Web :
  • Email : madhumkurup aT yahoo dOT com