Utterly uninteresting stuff.
Random stocastic permutations of molecules..

I've grown up in Bangalore, spending 14 years of my life in the Frank Anthony Public School right from a infant upto my entry into Engineering College. I spent four years after school in the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering getting my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering.

Right now, I'm working at Yahoo! playing with algorithms and large data sets. I'm a confirmed geek, rated at 42% Slashdot pure and interested in Linux, User friendly and other black arts. My geek code:

Version: 3.1.2
GCS d s+:+ a-- C++ BL+++ P+++ L++ E--- W N-- w--
PS+ PE Y++ PGP++ t+ b+++ DI++ D+ G+ e++ h- !r

I read nearly everything that I can lay my hands on. Nothing particularly to mention except for science fiction (Arthur C Clarke, Issac Asimov) , which I'm avidly fond of. Thanks recently to certain older geeks, I'm now reading fantasy (Terry Brooks) and the like. My all time favourite book is probably Gone with the Wind and coming a very close second is The Godfather.

Music, well, without sounding repetetive - nearly everything. Classical (mainly Hindustani now a bit more Carnatic), Western Classical, Alternative, Hard Rock, Jazz - yeah I have been into a lot of nooks and corners. Currently enthused by Billy Joel and Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay and of course, that immortal rascals Pink Floyd. I like cover versions a lot - cause they make me re-assess what I like in the original!

I used to play basketball - not that I was particularly good at it - till I seriously dislocated my shoulder and have not played seriously since. In other times I play some chess and the rest of the standard board game collections....

My Tolkien name is Gorbulas Bulge. I've been known in various communities as Horse, Brave CHorse and Gandalf.