Some of the stuff that I've played with in my life
GA, EP and IPD.

Genetic Algorithms

Genetic Algorithms is a procedure by which you would use the forces of evolution to solve computational problems for you. This is also an area that is often entwined with Computational Biology or Bioinformatics, this that and the other buzz words that are the flavor of the month. I was more primarily interested in Evolutionary Biology and in particular with Evolutionary Programming.

In this particular form of optimization, some additional constraints are placed on the process of evolution and some additional operators are made to act upon a population.

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The Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma is a particular problem that of some some philosophical and computational interest. It deals with the problem that one encounters often in life - plainly speaking, is being good (kind, samaritan, naive, optimistic, innocent, trusting, obliging) without expecting anything in return a good decision or not. Or on the other hand is being evil (cunning, selfish, clever, realistic, worldy wise, mistrustful, devil may care) a better option.

Turns out that most often, the latter is a better thing to do. As much as it may seem to be offensive, that's what Math and Computation can prove. What you do, however is your business....

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