Work is pleasure
A short course in my contemporary work history

When I was in college, I was associated with Exocore Consulting and worked there as a Network Support Engineer for over a year. I had the amazing fortune to be able to have fun and play while learning all the time. I spent a year at Exocore learning networking, writing articles for PCQuest and having an all around good time.

I was working in one of the most unusual firms around. I'm employed in Yahoo in the Data Engineering group - we deal with data warehousing, data mining and other generic data related operations.

As a matter of history, Shubhasheesh, Raghotham and your's truly were the first employees of Yahoo India to work out of the Bangalore office. We started work in the Gateway hotel, in a place called the Board Room, not so long ago. Here are some photographs of the first few of us after we shifted into the St. Marks Road Office. The one on the right is more famous as `The Don Corleone' version of Y! Bangalore.

I'm now with Amazon Inc working on Amazon Web Services.

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We have a lot of war stories about stuff that's happened at Y! India - some hilarious, some poignant - some just typically India. I plan to put up some of them - eventually and when they are likely to sound even more fictional than they do now! Below is a snap after we finished a cricket match - one that we bravely fought!.

Ashes anyone?
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